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Cora, Falkenauge und der letzte der Mohikaner Chingachgook   übergeben Unkas dem Großen Geist
the Indian

Greetings God on my home page and have fun with it

think about it

Say a kind word to me in the morning     
before you leave home.      
So much can happen in a day    
who knows if we'll see each other again.     


say a word good night

who knows if you wake up early

Life is over so quickly

and then it's not the same

what you said to me last 

what you asked me last

So let a good word be the last,
remember, the last could be forever!

Found and copied from a wooden board

(then tap on the pictures to continue... )

I've been asked over and over again why I greet my readers with "God's blessings". Just as the Swabian does not say Tschö or Servous or even Goodbye when saying goodbye, but simply "Ade", so he greets the other person with a heartfelt God's blessing..... so again

Greetings God
on my side.

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