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memory of Sabine


Here I want to thank my Sabine for the years she stood by my side before we (my boys and I) had to let her go at the end of March 2015.

After a short and severe battle with cancer, the Lord took her home....
Now she is watching us from above

We chose sandstone for you as a symbol for the Black Forest and basalt as a symbol for the Eifel...

Grab 230324.jpg

I will update the picture of her grave regularly so that our boys and Sabine's friends can see an up-to-date picture

- January 10, 2022 our wedding anniversary-

At my wife's grave

Peace be around this tombstone!
  Gentle peace of God! Ah, they have
  bury a good woman
  And she was more to me;

Drew blessings on me, this woman
  Like a mild star from better worlds!
  And I can't repay her
  what they done to me

she fell asleep; they buried them here.
  Soft, sweet consolation, given by God,
  And an anticipation of eternal life
  Scent around her bones!

Till you Jesus Christ, great and mighty!
Kind will awaken - ah, they have
bury a good woman
And for me she was more.

   based on - At my father's grave - by Matthias Claudius (1740 - 1815)


06/18/2016 - I kept my promise and built a stone tower for you on the shore of Loch Lomond, stuck your picture on it so at least your picture can look out over that beautiful loch... long may it stay there.

Steinturm am Loch Lomond
der Loch Lomond

And then there's the song that got us through the hard times... you can find it here on Youtube

Im Juni 2022 waren wir wieder in Schottland am Loch Lomond. Ich konnte deinen Steinturm wieder aufbauen und jetzt kann dein Bild wieder über den See schauen.  Hier ist die Geschichte

neuer Turm.jpg

Und das hier habe ich auch gefunden, es drückt so vieles aus.

Wenn das Morgen ohne dich beginnt.jpg
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