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moped life

Being on the road with a moped means a lot to me. That's why I want to give my old BMW or Kurz the Q a few pages.

Actually, I'm not a good moped driver, but it's enough for me and I enjoy it. Well, if I don't get overconfident again, then I'll be able to drive my moped and myself back to the garage in good health.

my average annual mileage is somewhere between fifteen and twenty thousand kilometers. It depends on how my job gives me time for it.... no, the weather gods have little say here, after all there is some water-repellent clothing and boot grease as well as impregnation spray. Well, you are right, when the sun is shining, the roads are dry and the temperatures are pleasant, biking is more fun.  


Actually, I was never keen on being on the road with a vehicle that can't even stand on its own - without falling over. My pride and joy were my Mercedes cars from the 230-6 /8 to the 280 C /8

And then, as so often, everything turned out very differently.

The boy has to go to the Bund and stayed there for 8 years. What to do with the time and so I decided to become a driving instructor. Well, that's actually how my moped life began.


On the  Hercules K125 BW  I got my driver's license off-road and later also my driving instructor license for two-wheelers. I was allowed to drive some tours in the winter through the Black Forest in snow and ice to collect kilometers and "experience".

125cc 2-stroke 12hp

was never mine... was the Bundeswehr


That was my first own moped...:) a Yamaha RD 250 LC I (good on the picture it's a 350). I bought it and had to get home through a snowstorm on the maiden voyage....

250cc 2-stroke with 27 hp  

sold  due to became too expensive


Then 2 classic cars came into the garage, the first was my DKW RT 175H Bj.54, with which I drove a lot of tours and always got home safely.

175cc 2-stroke with 9.5 hp  

sold  because of hobby work


Unfortunately, I never completely restored this machine... It sat in the garage in parts for 20 years, then I sold it with a heavy heart for lack of time and money. It was a Horex Regina 350 Sport Bj.52

350cc 4-stroke with 21 hp  

sold  because of hobby work


Then a really cool machine came into the house... a Honda CB450 . I had my first fall with her. The engine had an oil hammer and stalled in a corner... fortunately nothing happened to me and the machine... but it never ran properly after that.

450cc 4-stroke with 40 hp  

sold  because of engine damage


Back to the 2-stroke engines... I owned an old MZ 250 for a short time... but I never really got used to it, hehe

250cc 2-stroke with ?? hp  

sold  something like that didn't work because of it


my first muscle bike *gg* finally something for touring and having fun. nope  Honda CB650Z  ... only the battery was defective and I pushed it every morning ... It was the first of my three four-cylinders

650cc 4-stroke with 50 hp  

sold  because of too much maintenance


Then back to the roots with ner  Yamaha 250RD . .. once again pour oil into the fuel before you start. Was a rewarding bike that ran for a long time.

250cc 2-stroke with 28 hp  

sold  because of wanting something bigger


Well, and then my great love came... my Q... my dream of a moped, a BMW R100RS . I had fun with her for 12 years and she never let me down once. we've been on the road for 80,000 km together. Most of the time alone... now and then one of my boys in the saddle... I was as good as married to her. Until her heart didn't want to take part anymore...

Her stories are also here:
The old Q and the red Q

1000cc 4-stroke with 70 hp  

sold  because of engine damage


And this blonde Brit. one  Triumph Thruxton 900  should be her successor... but she never made it... gave her back after 10,000 km. Yes, it's a nice moped and a Bonni motor isn't the worst either, but the performance just wasn't right...

there is also a link here:  the blond Brit

900cc 4-stroke with 69 hp

sold  because Sabine never wanted to drive it


And then came this Japanese monster... no  Yamaha FZR 1000 Genesis . It had power and speed... but after 14,000 km I had to turn it off because it's too fast for me... undoubtedly a great piece of sports equipment that is also good for touring... but I'm afraid that I'll rub my neck with it... .so it stood around in the garage for half a year before I sold it.

there is also a link here:  the fat

1000cc 4-stroke with 145 hp  

sold  because too fast


And since the Genesis was too fast for me, I got a Q to ride on again... I feel good on it and it's fun to bike... Over the winter of 2007/2008 it will be converted into an OldSchool CafeRacer and I have it on the names  SilverHawk  baptized. It's an 82  BMW R100RS .. my moped :)

here is the link to the story:  The cafe racer

1000ccm 4-stroke with 70 hp (are enough for me now)

my everyday moped

The aluminum cow can stay, there are so many memories of my Sabine in it
The rear footpegs always stay down because she always rides with me when I'm on the road.


At some point we wanted a touring moped...  It's a '79 BMW R100RS . She has the power and speed of my red...

there is also a link here: the touring fag

1000cc 4-stroke with 70hp  

sold  because of engine damage


And then a Goldwing flew to us. A 1975 Honda GL1000 . It is currently being transformed into a cafe racer.
But the glitter paint from the 70s can stay.

there is also a link here: Uschi

1000cc 4-stroke with 80hp  

is currently being converted into a cafe racer   



We took a big ship to travel.  A Yamaha FJ1200  from 1990. No, it will not be converted.
That means, but she gets a suitcase system and a GPS holder along with USB power supply and a sheepskin so that her butt doesn't hurt too much on long journeys..

there is also a link here: Horton

1200cc 4-stroke with 98hp  throttled

is used as a travel steamer   



Da Horton wieder zeihen darf brauchten wir was für die Schottlandreise. Eine BMW R100 RS von 1977. Nein, sie wird nicht umgebaut.
Das heißt, doch sie bekommt einen Navihalter nebst USB-Versorgung. Die RS hat noch keinen Namen bekommen, da tun wir uns grad etwas schwer.

1000ccm 4- Takt mit 70PS  reicht

wird als Reisedampfer benutzt  


The list has certainly not reached the end yet..... there are still one or the other moped that I could imagine

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