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the heart....

... probably my romantic dragon in my pocket ....

Developed by René Maier from Switzerland... he then made the construction plan available for download on his homepage...

The most beautiful thing about the construction plan are the conditions that René has set:

I have 3 requests of you:

  • do not use this guide commercially.

By that I understand any form of financial compensation. This means if someone asks you if you would build a heart for them, say yes and give it to them.

  • don't build a heart alone - build at least 2.

We don't want to contribute to the lonely hearts club, so you always have one to give away

share your insights too.

  • At least send me a picture of your heart dragons and / or feedback on how the building went and what changes you made.

Yes you can't buy the hearts, just like you can't buy a heart in real life... you have to win it...

When heaven comes into your heart
  your heart goes to heaven

© Phil Bosmans (1922 - 2012)
Belgian religious priest
Telephone counselor and writer

So I went and got the building materials to build a heart necklace in gold, red and white...

First I just made a gold heart to see how it goes with building and flying....  I am enthusiastic about the simple kite and will complete the chain over the winter and of course also give away one or the other heart... Customers have already contacted us :-)

A puzzle is the attachment of all the lines to get the heart in shape... it's a matter of keeping a steady hand and nerves of steel...

but see for yourself, you will be rewarded for it.
Well, only the golden one, the others will follow and I will update this page from time to time with the places where I was able to send hearts to heaven.


Successfully completed its maiden flight in Harscheid / Eifel, although the wind blew a little too much for this magnificent kite... and the kite would have deserved a bluer sky....

Recorded in the living room after completion:


Here the heart flies in the northern Black Forest on the Hörnle near Simmozheim


Bärbel was completely fascinated by the magnificent kite.....

on September 25, 2016 in Harscheid I could let my heart soar into the steel-blue sky for a long time. it was a nice feeling that I could let my heart go to heaven to Sabine.....


here it is above our fish, "our" trademark that had testified for many years that we were on the Drachenwiese.....

What the moment born
the moment gulped down!
But it remains forever
what the heart gave to the heart.

© Adalbert Stifter

Then on  May 13, 2017 on the Schwanner Warte on the northern edge of the Black Forest, Bärbel and I were able to let our hearts soar. the wind was a bit gusty, but the team of two hearts was beautiful to look at in the sky.


In the summer on Texel at the Slufter Strand I could fly the hearts for a very long time and thus provided a nice photo opportunity for many holidaymakers.


It's just beautiful when the shadows of the hearts spread their charm on the sand.


July 2019 on the beach of Sankt Peter-Ording.... a heart stands over two young people lying together in the sand...


At the end of August on the Northern Germany heap, the hearts were able to show again how wonderful they are in the sky when there is little wind....


The hearts and the phoenix, two wonderful dragons to just enjoy a light breeze and summer sun...


On February 28, 2021, I was able to fly my heart into the sun at a small but fine private kite festival.


 If you want to build this wonderful kite, you can download the building instructions as a PDF file from the homepage of  Download René Maier

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