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a kite for our mom....

... it has become a cloth of tears....

Somehow I felt very lonely on my meadow and then the idea germinated that at least one picture of her should go to the meadow and to the sky.

Here is the dragon at the first photoshoot on January 16, 2016


...I really only had one hour .. gray in gray before that, then beautiful sun but unfortunately too much wind and when I came from the cemetery, then the snow came in dark clouds... it was as if I was reading the hour from got a gift from heaven...

And here I want to show you how it came about  is of the flight will come when I can pull it up for the first time... but I only want to do it when the sky is blue, the sun is shining and the wind is right.... hope you can understand that  

The idea came up this fall on my meadow and I made the first sketches and looked for pictures...

It should be the size of the Rev 1... because I had this cloth as a pattern on my red-wise. But I wanted the kite to be completely white..


First I had to find an image that I can prepare accordingly and then also apply....

I quickly found the roses on Google and made a 4-color picture out of it... black-silver - red-dark red...

I finally found an image and was able to edit it too... an image that is very close to my heart personally... and it was actionable for the dragon... I hoped.


Luckily there are computer programs with which you can process a picture in such a way that I got by with 7 colors... white, silver, anthracite, black, red, dark red and blue..... ok the red  and I could have done the blue in b/w too, but I loved her lips and I loved kissing her.

First I had to make the sail onto which I wanted to apply the roses and Bines portrait. I didn't just want to use a white cloth, I wanted it to shimmer like a pearl.


So I sewed the cloth from the remains of the ice crystal as a flickwark with sailmaker seams...
It's always the same fabric, but the weft and warp directions are always different, so it shimmers like a pearl.

First I have  - also for practicing - the rose tendrils applied... actually went quite well from the hand


I didn't cut out the shawl, otherwise the shawl wouldn't have withstood the wind... I left it whole.

Now it was time for the portrait... but that also went quite well... here are a few pictures of the creation.

In the first picture you can see the printouts for the different colors (black is on the left and anthracite on the right)


the first fields have already been cut out


The anthracite is sewn, now it needs to be cut out.


and here in the backlight and in detail... you can see the seams nicely

.... For evenings I sat until late at night to finish the picture....
... but I didn't regret it for a minute ...


Now the two parts of the sail are sewn together.... the strips, the hem tape, the Dacron reinforcements, the gauze and the Dacron leading edge are still missing.


The colored stripes are also sewn in and the white hem band as well....


Sewing on the gauze turned out to be more difficult than expected... it warps very easily and you have to work slowly and carefully... but in white it goes quite well with it...


white Dacron.. I got it.. I just couldn't find a white rubber band anywhere...

But at least I was able to cover the 8 Excel rods with white shrink tubing... I didn't heat it, it was 8.3 mm tubing and it fits just as well.

Hooked up a scale and today I wanted to go out... Glorious sun and snow.. but very strong chopping wind, so only a photo shoot, didn't want to shred it in the wind... an hour later the sky closed again and the wind had a lot of snow in his luggage. At the moment it's snowing like crazy... but the sky gave me the hour you can see in the pictures...

Oh, here's a picture with the complete rev... hope you like it.

der_Neue_REV (1).jpg

I named the kite after a song by Wolfgang Edelmayer - A cloth made of tears , so many dropped in while sewing... I just miss them..
(here's a YouTube link)


but now at least her picture is back on our dragon meadow, where we have stood together so often and released our dragons into the air.....

Today (01/19/2016) Alex came and we held the Rev up against the blue sky and he took three very nice photos that I want to post here.


got white rubber cords as a gift from a dragon friend and replaced the black ones. I really like it that way.


And then, of course, the dragon needed a shell, a quiver. Did it in Flickwark too. Only this time with a closed lap seam... man, what a job.

A name tag and my washing slip are obligatory, as is the cord made of hem bands sewn in the colors of the dragon.


Now you lie there
cancer conquered you
Your breath catches in the most beautiful angel dress
You were too beautiful, now you jumped up
I can understand it, I'm so sorry

Now you're gone and tears are shed
I love you and I feel in you
I hold the world as long as it likes me
And if not, I'll come to you

Wolfgang Edelmayer "A Cloth of Tears"

Today at the end of February 2016 in the Westerwald in glorious weather and in the snow I was allowed to fly it for the first time.....

First of all, he flew right away, just as I imagined.

And it was a very nice feeling when Sabine looked down on me from above...I can't express it in words...but it felt so good.

Here are a few pictures from the maiden flight.


The start in the snow.....


High in the sky she looked down.....


and I enjoyed flying.....

March 13th, 16 in Harscheid with good wind and some sun... it was a nice afternoon.

Here is the cloth of tears together with the mysticism and the long dart team on the meadow and I enjoyed flying...


and a picture of the flight today from the hand between the handles ... garnet so easy to use the snaps and fly the kite.


At the beginning of May 2016 at the kite festival in Norddeich.....

Here the dragon hovers high above her beloved North Sea and looks down at the hustle and bustle at the lido..... I think she laughed from above....


And a video... it's not quite sharp, but I still think it belongs here....

on June 4th in Husum on the North Sea I was able to fly it again and steer it over the sea....


Helvetica Light is a font that is easy to read with long and thin letters and suits any website.


On 06 July 16 at the 6th Wolsing Flying in Sankt Peter Ording on the North Sea, Sabine was able to sniff her beloved sea air again....


in this picture, the cloth of tears could be present at a world premiere. The picture shows the white Rev between the two largest stunt kites in the world....
on the left is the 9 flaki and on the right is the 12 flaki (the numbers indicate the wingspan of the kites in meters !!)


Daniel flew the Rev and he was - just like me - very touched by the sight. I think he enjoyed every moment and the sight of his mother in heaven.

On September 24th, 2016, when the weather was glorious, I was able to release the red Rev again into the Eifel air.


Kite Festival Malmsheim October 8th and 9th, 2016 Unfortunately there wasn't enough wind to fly the Rev, but the visitors were able to admire it.


Halde Northern Germany on October 16, 2016 It was a beautiful autumn Sunday among friends. As always when there is a steel-blue sky and a little wind, the shawl of tears was the first to be airborne and Sabine beamed at me high above the Neiderrhein. It's always a great feeling when her picture looks at me from above and I know that she doesn't just do it in the form of her picture. I'm sure she was watching us from above on a glorious Sunday afternoon and laughed when she saw us.


With this in mind, it is always a very special moment for us when we have this kite on a leash and you look down on us from above. Then Bine you are not only in the heart, but also in the eyes again and smile at us.

On May 13th, 17 at a small but fine kite festival on the northern edge of the Black Forest on the Schwanner Warte it was time again and the wise Rev was allowed to rise above the Black Forest firs and do his rounds... here in the pictures it is Marcus, who has the rev on the trade and indulges in his feelings.


And that's how we like to enjoy the wise Rev best, with sun and a blue sky with a few small veil clouds.


In the summer of 2017 we all went to Texel to fly kites in the sand and swim a bit. Of course, a group picture could not be missing ....


And one more thing with the lighthouse....


At the beginning of August 2018, Sabine was allowed to take a picture of her beloved lake again  to fly ....

Wolfgang snapped the picture on the beach in Sankt Peter-Ording during the 8th Wolsing flight


At the 10th Wolsingflug in Sankt Peter Ording in June 2020, I was able to release the veil of tears back into the North Sea air

0720SPO (1).jpg

So now the old Indian hopes that he hasn't bored you with his story


if it is allowed to fly then I will send the pictures later.. but it has to be blue sky with sun... gray in gray I don't want to pull it up the first time. ... 
I was allowed to fly it 02/16

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