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an interesting kite in your pocket ....

... a replica of the Bowkite ....

A joint effort with Sabine and me - as with all self-built kites, Sabine did the sewing and I did the cutting and the rods.... we flown it in together

but look at it yourself... a beautiful kite


For the first time in the fresh air, he shows his full splendor of colors...


the shades of blue shine wonderfully in the sun... the excitement for the first flight increases....


finally on the meadow and set up, he tries to climb into the sky from the very first start... it's always an overwhelming moment when the self-made kite willingly climbs up.


Sabine has pulled him up and we are slowly getting to know his flight characteristics. It can be steered wonderfully and shows immediately if it gets too much wind or if there isn't enough wind...


but he stands gracefully in the Eifel sky on the October Sunday in the most glorious weather.


after we figured out how the kite was trimmed, he willingly pulled the line and was allowed to take whatever we had on the reel....

we were happy that the maiden flight turned out to be such a wonderful afternoon.... I think in the Eifel you will be able to admire this beautiful kite more often in windy, sunny weather on the heights.

Today, September 25, 2016, I was able to air the bow kite again, but one of the fiberglass rods had worked its way through the spinnaker, so I couldn't keep it in the air for long.  Well, there has to be another job on the sewing machine :-)


here the view over the Bow-Kite in the direction of Hohe Acht and Nürburg.... with such a view you can enjoy kite flying.


If you want to build this wonderful kite, you can download the Kites&Friends building instructions from as a PDF file. (click on the picture of the building instructions on the right)

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