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with one of the oldest kites in your pocket....

a Hawaiian Chevron also a real “old school kite”

This kite was designed as the first "power kite" and buggy driving was made possible with it.

The Chevron - or simply referred to as the Hawaiian - builds up a lot of pressure and can be flown quickly and precisely. Modern kiters are always amazed at the wide nose and the "landing" of a flight during the turn.

With its sail design, it needs significantly more wind than the spin-off. With a wingspan of almost 2.30 mtr. a dragon that can still bring joy today.


built from 8mm carbon fiber and, as was usual in the past, with a fabric hose as a connector and webbing on the wide nose, the trailing edge only hemmed so that you can also hear the wing :-) ... at some point it got 2 standoffs on the loose wing struts, and that's how it became more maneuverable.


the Chevron pulls up willingly and responds good-naturedly to its pilot's commands


we fly the Chevron with 25mtr lines with 75kp pull

The picture was taken at the airfield in Malmsheim in strong winds.

Son Alex also got a chevron, only in contrast to my full size, he has a 3/4 size. This requires significantly less wind, but flies much faster. His pride and joy, it's one of the few original Hawaiian chevrons left.


Alex with the Chevron in Malmsheim flying in a wonderfully fresh wind. So this dragon is a lot of fun and builds up a lot of pressure and challenges its pilot.

April 03, 2016

The Hawaiian was allowed to show what he can do again. With the wind getting fresher and fresher, I even had to swap the Liros DC80 lines for Liros DC161. During a gust, the lower right cross brace ripped. But that didn't detract from the fun of flying.


Then Tine took over the Hawaiian and made her first flying experiences with stunt kites with it.

She had a lot of fun and the Hawaiian survived :-)

no, she didn't ram it into the ground, after a few exercises she was able to fly the bird clean on 175kg lines in a really hack wind.


10 Apr 16

1st meeting of friends of Wolsing in Bensheim... there was little wind, but there were 2 original Hawaiians present... the front one was a 3/4 size and the back one was a full size from Top of the Line...


Since Tine loved to fly the Hawaiian and I still had material left over, I made one for her using modern materials....


since she is called Viragomaus in moped driving circles with her moped, I had to sew a small mouse onto the wing and then called the dragon
Hawaii Chevron Murinae

Maiden flight in Norddeich


Baptism of the mouse in the sea followed by dry flying...


And a little video of the maiden flight...

on June 5th, 2016 in Sankt Peter Ording in the big sandbox, flown on 50m lines 175 daN ...


the  Oldtimer is simply beautiful and easy to fly and as far as the fun factor is concerned, it can hold a candle to many a modern kite....

at the 6th Wolsingflug in Sankt Peter Ording the Hawaiian was of course also allowed out of the bag. On Saturday it got totally wet and on Sunday morning it was able to dry in the warm June sun.


Then in August I got a surprise...

I got an offer to buy the chevrons shown above. So I grabbed it and here they are:


he 3/4 size hawaiian chevron, never flown.....


the full size hawaiian chevron, like new.....


September 3rd to 6th, 2016 in Normandy, everyone was allowed to take off on the Atlantic beach....


it was just fun to fly with the vintage cars in the sea wind and to play with them.

Saturday October 15th 16 times again on my meadow in Harscheid I was able to fly the “small” and the “big” Hawaiian with a hackwind. Then the neighbors invited me to a beer in the garden.


Sunday 30 July 17 in St Peter-Ording at the 7th Wolsing the “little one” and the “big one” were allowed to fly again in the air.  Because the wind was too strong, the big one had to stay on the ground and I had a lot of fun with the 3/4 Hawaiian. He drew crisp corners in the sky and rattled happily across the beach.
here is a picture from Sunday morning at 50 mtr. Linen really puts him in a good mood


In January 2022 I was offered this nice 3/4 Hawaiian and struck it straight away. Well, it's not exactly brand new, but it adds a pretty piece to the collection.


  If you want to build this wonderful kite, you can download the building instructions as a PDF file from Elliot. 

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