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Herr von Ribbeck on Ribbeck in Havelland from  Theodor Fontane

Herr von Ribbeck on Ribbeck in Havelland,
A pear tree stood in his garden,
And came the golden autumn time
And the bulbs shone far and wide,
Then, when midday sounded from the tower,
Ribbeck's pockets are full,
And along came a boy in slippers
So he called out, " Boy, do you want a beer? «
And when a girl came, he cried: " Litt you,
If you come closer, I'll pick up a pear.

So it went for many years, until praisesam
Who came to die from Ribbeck after Ribbeck.
He felt his end. it was autumn time
Again the pears laughed far and wide;
Then von Ribbeck said: ' I'm retiring now.
Put a pear in my grave with me.
And three days later, from the double-roof house,
von Ribbeck carried them out,
All farmers and Büdner with a party face
Sang "Jesus my confidence"
And the children lamented, their hearts heavy:
» Hey there now. Now who's going to give us a beer ?"

So the children complained. That wasn't right -
Oh, they didn't know old Ribbeck well;
The new one, of course, who scrimps and saves,
Keeps park and pear tree strictly guarded.
But the old man, already anticipating
And full of mistrust of his own son,
He knew exactly what he was doing back then
When he asked for a pear in the grave,
And in the third year from the silent house
A pear tree sprout sprouts out.

And the years went well up and down
A pear tree has long since arched over the grave,
And in the golden autumn season
It shines again far and wide.
And if a boy comes across the churchyard,
So it whispers in the tree: " Would you like a beer? «
And if a girl comes, she whispers: » Lütt Dirn,
If you come closer, I'll buy you a pear

So blessing still bestows the hand
That of Ribbeck on Ribbeck in Havelland.

Theodor Fontane

Further information and background information about Herr von Ribbeck can be found here

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