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a star has risen in the kite sky....

The star is a gift from Sabine and the entry into the box kite is not self-made, but always ready in the kite bag when the wind gets stronger....


The star tolerates  a fresh breeze and then stands calm and vertical in the sky...

Attached to a 4-point balance, it climbs very steeply and then remains in place like an anchor. So you can then tie him up and devote himself to the other dragons.


Sabine sent the star into the sunny blue Eifel sky on November 1st, 2010....  


so I could get her a star from the sky *gg*

Little is what I desire
And yet it is so far from me:
From the whole army of stars
A single dear star!
And what heaven, earth and seas
Still included - I'd be happy! –

(Joseph Christoph von Zedlitz, 1790-1862, Austrian writer)

In the spring  In 2016 I flew the star in way too much wind and a gust broke one  of the carbon fiber rods and the star tumbled to the ground. Luckily the sail was unharmed.

In September I was finally able to replace the rod and make the star heal again.


And here are a few pictures from June 19 when we lifted the star again over the Eifel hills.

020619_01 (2).jpg

The wind fit for the star. But every time I have to think about how the star flies around, which tip is the upper tip. So always hold it in the wind and test it first.

020619_01 (1).jpg

And then he willingly pulled up. In the background our black and green delta with the Japanese carp as a linen decoration.

020619_01 (3).jpg

I'm always amazed by the simplicity of this construction and how steep the line angle is on this star.

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