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the toronto...
a kite workshop

The Rodgau workshop has been held regularly since 2006 to enable beginners, the curious and experienced kite builders to build kites together. Originating from an idea in the "friendly dragon forum", the workshop has established itself and now takes place every year in spring. Kite builders from Germany and the neighboring countries meet to build together and exchange experiences.

The Toront Dragons are a family of three dragons with beautiful graphics. They clearly bear the signature of Rainer Hoffmann, who developed them. Unusual materials and elegant shapes with a high-contrast sail design determine these eye-catchers in the sky.

I had registered for my first kite workshop in Rodgau. It was a great experience and to be honest, I never expected such a professionally prepared workshop. So many beautiful dragons could be created and I learned a lot.
I haven't finished it, the scales still have to be threaded in and the tail and the bag are still missing.

​ A few impressions from the workshop


Samples of the Toronts were provided as an example... the EDO in the foreground was built by kite builders from many countries.

I built the Toront II - in the picture below it's the red/purple dragon.


The materials and instructions were available for everyone in an exemplary manner.


Tables for cutting various templates and for hot cutting.


My toront is slowly taking shape


At the end of a wonderful workshop we were able to take a group picture in the courtyard.


Since I wasn't quite finished with the toront, I was able to finish the kite at home.


We even got a great patch for the kite bags. This makes it unmistakable.


Then at the end of April 17 I was able to release him into the Eifel air and had a lot of fun with the plane.


A few days later, Toront was able to breathe fresh Baltic Sea air in Heidkate near Kiel


Then in May 17 at a small but fine kite festival at the Schwanner Warte in the northern Black Forest....


Since we also received the other two templates at the workshop, I am sure that the Toront II will welcome its brothers the Toront I and Toront III.

It is a kite that invites you to fly relaxed and stays in the sky like a one in a steady wind.

On June 2nd, 19 we went flying at Michelsberg in the Eifel. It's not far away, but the meadow was already mowed there. The wind was a bit too strong for the toront and he kept trying to avoid it. so we then hung the fringed tail of our folding star in between. So he remained stable in the sky. He easily pulled up the additional weight and then stabilized very well with the longer tail.


On February 28, 2021 I celebrated my own little kite festival in the Eifel. At times I had up to 6 single lines in the sky. and  If you've done it yourself, you know what I'm talking about :-)


Of course, the Toront could not be missing and flew here together with the two phoenix kites in the blue sky.

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