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The raid in Wildbad   Ludwig Uhland

On beautiful summer days, when the breeze is mild,
  The woods are merrily green, the gardens are blooming,
  There rode out of the gates of Stuttgart a proud hero,
  Count Eberhard der Greiner, the old bushy beard.

  With few noble servants he goes out into the country,
  He doesn't wear helmet or armor, it doesn't go on a bloody bouquet,
  He wants to ride into the Wildbad, where a hot spring rises,
  The ailing heals and strengthens, the old man becomes young again.

  At Hirsau with the abbot, the knight is coming in
  And drinks the cool monastery wine to the sound of the organ.
  Then it's blasted through fir forests into the green valley,
  Where the Enz rushes through its bed of rocks.

  At Wildbad on the market, there is a stately house,
  A bare spear hangs from it as a sign,
  There the Count mounts his horse, there he has a good rest,
  He visits the spring daily, the knightly guest.

  When he then undressed and little rested
  And saying his prayer, he goes up into the flood;
  He always sits down where out of the crevice in the rocks
  The noble sparkling water is the hottest and fullest.

  A wounded boar washing the wound
  Once betrayed to the hunters the source in chasm and bush,
  Now it's a favorite pastime for the old warrior
  To wash and stretch the scarred body.

  Here comes his youngest noble boy:
" Mr. Count! a heap is moving down the upper valley.
  They carry heavy butts, the captain carries his shield
  A rosy red of gold and a wild boar .”

  » My son! these are the Schleglers, they hit hard, -
Give me the tunic, boy! – this is the boar stone,
  I know the boar well, he has such a fierce anger
  I know the rose well, it has such a sharp thorn. «

There comes a poor shepherd running out of breath:
Mr. Count! a gang is pulling up the valley below.
  The captain wields three axes, his armor shines and glistens,
  That it still bites my eyes like sheet lightning. «

  » That is Wunnensteiner, who is called the gleaming wolf, –
Give me the coat, boy! – I know the shine
  He brings me little joy, the axes cut well,
  Tie my sword to my side! – the wolf that thirsts for blood.

  One may frighten a damsel snuggled up in the bath,
  This is a funny tease that does nobody harm,
  But if an old war hero is attacked,
  Then it counts, if not his life, then a heavy ransom. «

Then the poor shepherd speaks: " There may still be advice,
  I know secret paths that no man has yet trod,
  No horse may mount it, only goats climb there,
  If you want to follow me immediately, I'll take you safely away. «

They climb through the thicket up the steepest mountain,
  With his good sword the count often cuts his way,
  How bitter it tastes to flee, he had never noticed it before
  He would much rather fence, the bath has strengthened him.

  Uphill and downhill in the hot midday!
  The Count must now lean on the pommel of his sword.
  Therefore pity the shepherds of the old, high lord,
  He takes him on his back: " I'd love to do it ."

Then old Greiner thinks: " It really feels good
  So gently carried by a faithful blood;
  In danger and in trouble, only the people show themselves to be outlaws,
  That's why you should never trample on your old, good right. «

When the Count of Stuttgart was saved, sitting in the hall,
  Is it called minting a coin as a memorial,
  He gives the faithful shepherd many a bare piece of it,
  He also worships many a gentleman from the Schlegel to their scorn.

  Then he sends capable masons to Wildbad immediately,
  They shall lead walls round about the open place,
  So that in future summers every old man
  Unthreatened by enemies, youthful in the bath.


Ludwig Uhland

further information and background information about Ludwig Uhland  can be found here  Wikipedia

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