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for the feminine side in me....

... Barbie a North Shore Radical in wickerwork” ....

As a rest between all the Long Dart piece warks, the Magnum is still pending,  I wanted to do something different and give my gray brain cells a little extra work. This led to the following considerations, which then also led to a result.

I've always wanted to have some of the following kites...

to a North Shore Radical from Top Of The Line because it's the follow up to my Hawaiian Chevron and spin offs.


on the other hand, I always wanted a kite using the braiding technique of Willy Koch, who is no stranger to the kite scene.


And finally I like a kite with the beautiful name Seven Sisters


…. and there the graphics by the graphic designer Patrick Nagel

So I searched the dragon forum for blueprints and settled on the Handkerchief plan. I learned how to build the braid and then 320 meters of pink hem tape, white cloth and 800m of colored thread  ordered.

First I cut the 5cm wide strips from the white cloth and sewed the hem band on the right and left. I then cut these strips to 15cm.


Now draw a wing 1:1 on a suitable piece of paper (I always use a roll of paper tablecloths) according to the NSR plan. With this I was able to create a corresponding wickerwork


Then I created a template for the nail graphic and put it together with white, light blue, purple and black spinnaker. The fine facial features came from a black Edding and the light blue shades from a blue Edding... since the cloth was only coated on one side, I was able to create the flow effect I wanted with the blue.

I then trimmed the finished figure with black and blue edging tape. The graphics must be able to transfer the wind pressure to the rest of the wickerwork.

The following picture shows the graphic after completion but before installation in the wickerwork.


Next, the contours of the NSR were fixed with white hem tape. This is how the kite is already in shape... at the points where the trailing edge bends, the corners were reinforced with white Dacron. I also made the keel bracing with Velcro, as with all my long darts. So that the force of the keel rod is better distributed over the sail, I sewed a 3 cm wide white Dacron strip behind the sail from the nose to the keel guy.


I made the nose of the NSR with white truck tarpaulin and over it a strip of the pink Dacron that was also used for the leading edges.


To tension the sails at the wingtips, I sewed a clothing band into the leading edge pocket and there the purple elastic band for the leading edge rod


The linkage consists of 6mm CFRP in the leading edges and the keel as well as arrow shafts in the upper and lower cross braces. Harnessed with arrow nocks.

The connector cross between the lower cross brace and the keel is made as a cord cross. I have had the best experiences with my teams.


Now a few impressions of the finished kite set up in the yard with a bit of snow and ice


and a look from below into the sail and the graphics


and two backlit views next to my house indian


Last but not least, the dragon also wants to be well packed when I'm not flying it. So, like all my kites, he got an individual bag….


so now i hope that the dragon i named barbie dem  Like one or the other.

What is still pending is the maiden flight and a few pictures of the meadow....

So on March 11, 2018  I could finally release the barbie into the air. First of all, yes it can take a bit of wind and no, the asymmetry does not have a negative effect on the flight - given my flying skills.
Yesterday we had a stupid hack wind with strong gusts...

Here he was still standing expectantly on the meadow...


and this photo was taken in flight.


Barbie takes off with no problems and turns around the wing tip very willingly. It also showed the NSR-typical fluttering of the trailing edge, but due to the narrow width of the trailing edge, this was significantly quieter than the original. You can fly very crisp corners and I really liked the overall control of the kite.

There is more wind today and I want to start it again today.

All in all, I am satisfied with the work.

At the beginning of August 2018 at the 8th Wolsing meeting, Barbie was allowed to sniff the salt air and turn her circles in the fresh sea breeze.

Here it was in the big sandbox... Wolfgang had taken this beautiful picture.


These pictures were taken at the Kite Festival 2019 in Malmsheim


In June 2020 in Sankt Peter Ording I was able to fly the barbel again in the sea air.

SPO0720 (1).jpeg

on October 31, 2020, Barbie was allowed to fly over the Eifel again, seen here with my 3 Topaz


In the backlight it is simply wonderful to look at and shines in the evening backlight


who now also build such a North Shore Radical,  want here is the assembly instructions

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