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my dragon meadow in the Eifel....

our Drachenwiese is in 53520 Harscheid in the Eifel... almost behind the house and always wind and lots of space to fly...


Isn't that a wonderful view around our village?

(well, when trying to create an all-round view, I shot several photos out of my hand and put them together... I hope you will forgive the somewhat poor quality.

Here I have a beautiful poem

found by Uwe Nolte  found


Since I put up with
Since I'm like you
easily and without complaint,
Flows the splendor from Sage
At me again.

No matter where I go
Weaves the melody
of your song, see
I stand still
Breathing Magic.

I have to pump myself
money and stuff,
Wade often in rags
By worry Gumpen:
But I'm free

can feel things
how they really are
I don't know doors
who lead to compulsion,
You, my brother wind.

I saw mountains glow
seas, steppes too,
And through all the troubles
Your blossoming carried me
And you were my breath

no one can hold me
Because I'm faithful to you:
heavenly creations,
rule of your being,
gives me meaning

I carry you, guess
kindled everywhere,
Gladly also in delusion
Waving around the flag
Wild night of drinking.

once will fly
may we be one
Completely redeemed from victory,
lying between stars
You and me - alone...

© Uwe Nolte, 2014
From the Wilder Kaiser Collection

At the end of September 2016 I flew on a different meadow in Harscheid... I don't have to go that far :-)


the goldfish was always "our" trademark whenever we were - no matter where - on the Drachenwiese. So today I remembered this tradition again and took him on the fishing line.

It was a nice feeling that the goldfish could hover over the kite again


the goldfish was in the company of several Chinese dragons today... a large dragonfly can be seen in the picture. It has rotating eyes and needs a bit of wind to fly properly.

Saturday October 15th, 16 again on my meadow in Harscheid, I was able to fly the old Sigma mat again with Hackwind after many years. Then the neighbors invited me to a beer in the garden.


On February 28, 2021 I celebrated my own little kite festival in the Eifel. At times I had up to 6 single lines in the sky. and  If you've done it yourself, you know what I'm talking about :-)


The T-Deltas with the fish, the Toront, the folding star, the phoenix and the hearts were allowed to do this  fly in the blue sky.

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