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the Tadpole..

or a tadpole learns  to fly...

We bought a wandless kite in China. It is a so-called tadpole, a tadpole....

Attached to a 4-point balance, it climbs very steeply and then remains in place like an anchor. So you can then tie him up and devote himself to the other dragons.

170219_01 (1).jpg

The tadpole is a small one  Diva and doesn't like gusts  winch. After many attempts, during which the tadpole kept smearing, we then had to use a multi-part tape tail  sew.

In the style of the original tail, we have made three additional tails that can be attached depending on the wind speed. This then stabilizes the tadpole. The positive thing about it, the ribbons can also be attached to the other kites.

Birgit likes the Tadpole and keeps taking it out of the bag to air it.

170219_01 (2).jpg

Here you fly together with the T-Delta on the Michelberg in the Eifel.

and once with the Hawaiian Team Kite

17.02 (4).jpg
17.02 (5).jpg

the burbot cuts a great figure against a blue sky. Always nice to look at.

17.02 (3).jpg

It also cuts a dashing figure with the T-Delta

17.02 (1).jpg

And Birgit gets a grin on her face when she put the tadpole up in the sky.


On February 28, 2021 I celebrated my own little kite festival in the Eifel. At times I had up to 6 single lines in the sky. and  If you've done it yourself, you know what I'm talking about :-)


Of course, the Tatpole could not be missing and flew here with the phoenix in the blue sky.


On April 25, 2021, Birgit was able to air the tadpole again.

Since the wind was very gusty, Birgit decided to make a loop out of the tail of the ribbon. After that the Tadpole flew very stable even in gusty winds.

Then we tied our newly acquired twister or helix to the line. The Helix has a length of at least 6 meters and pulled hard on the Tadploe's line.

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