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the folding star...
A technique like a window star built in a workshop.

The Rodgau workshop has been held regularly since 2006 to enable beginners, the curious and experienced kite builders to build kites together. Originating from an idea in the "friendly dragon forum", the workshop has established itself and now takes place every year in spring. Kite builders from Germany and the neighboring countries meet to build together and exchange experiences.

The folding star came about in Markus' imagination, and Florian then supported him in the implementation. A wonderful idea and a real eye-catcher in the blue sky. It is designed as a flat kite with a long fringed tail.

That was my second kite workshop in Rodgau. And this time a great experience and to be honest, another very professionally prepared workshop. So many beautiful dragons could be created and I learned a lot.
I haven't finished it, the scales still have to be threaded in and the tail and the bag are still missing.

A few impressions from the workshop   (The pictures are taken from Florian's .

We can see stars everywhere when confidence lives in the heart.

(© Hanna Schnyders)


First it was to fold the rays of the star. We were given a sheet of wax paper to practice with. Very accurate work is necessary here so that a star is formed.


The materials and instructions were available for everyone in an exemplary manner.


Then it was time to sew up the rays.


At the end of a wonderful workshop we were able to take a group picture in the courtyard.


Since I wasn't quite finished with the folding star, I was able to finish the kite at home. The long fringe tail needed building and of course a nice pocket for the star.


Then finally, together with Birgit, I was able to raise the star in Harscheid for the first time. It was a great feeling when he stood in the sky.


And this is what the feeling looks like when the self-made dragon stands in the sky and laughs from above.


When I set it up for the first time, I noticed that the rods were different lengths  and I would have to mark them somehow. But then I attached two fastening straps to each rod on the star. Now the bars stay in position and the assembly is actually done very quickly. Only attach the Schanz, which has now received two more sections. So I can react to the wind accordingly and it then flies stable.


Again and again the folding star is allowed to take to the air when the sky is blue and inspires us with its stable flight.

The picture was taken in June 2019 in Harscheid.

A star


A star shines for me too
a star
who shows me the way
a star
who gives me hope
a star
a light
amidst the darkness
reminds me
I am not alone
love accompanies me
in all my ways


© Anke Maggauer-Kirsche (*1948), German poet


And the star also shone over the Maifeld in October 19 when Birgit completed her XXL Schleierdelta.

03.10.19 (2).jpeg
03.10.19 (3).jpeg

And then of course on our house lawn in October 20. We were able to tie the star to a ground anchor and it stood nailed to the sky here together with the black/green veil delta.

31.10.20 Harscheid (2).jpg
31.10.20 Harscheid (1).jpg

On February 28, 2021 I was able to fly the folding star into the sky at a small but nice private kite festival.

Unfortunately, I found that an arrow nock broke and the lower beam was no longer tensioned. But I still have  reserves at home.

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