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And here's one of my EX's: the blond Brit - my cinnamon bitch

After my LastMohawk had to take care of the garage at the end of a great tour with bearing damage, I fulfilled a wish and bought a Café Racer.

The blond Brit is a  Triumph Thruxton 900  with 70hp from the Twin. It sprints agilely around corners and is great fun when biking. Well, the old Q got more steam out of its 70 hp than the Brit, but it is much more responsive in the 80 - 140 km/h range.

There were first drops of bitterness on the first 1000 km. After a downpour of rain she left me out in the rain and just didn't want to go anymore. The dealer thinks there is a problem with the tank ventilation, which is vented via a hose that ends in front of the rear wheel. A drop of water must have settled there and there was a negative pressure in the tank, he said. He shortened the hose at an angle and I hope she won't let me stand there anymore.

I promptly gave her the name  cinnamon bitch  awarded. Here is a picture of the blond Brit.


This is what she looked like in the end, the cinnamon bitch...

and here's a little travel report that I experienced with the blonde...

Hi, everyone.

Had great experiences with my Thrux the past few days.

It has started
  Tuesday  when I jumped on my Blonde (Thrux is yellow) and did 370 km via the Palatinate Forest, Johanniskreuz and the Hunsrück to the Moselle down to Zell and further over the Nürburgring into the Eifel.

In the Palatinate Forest it was still really cold in the morning. The waiter at the well-known biker meeting place was happy about an initially lonely guest in the fog hehe. Shortly thereafter, a group of Dutch people came with their Bavarian bikes and admired my Thrux. So much filigree was no longer visible on their modern boxers.

Then look for and find further over the Hunsrück and narrow streets.

Here are two pictures from a short break somewhere in the Hunsrück:


Down to the Moselle in Zell (a really great winding descent, past some cans and some choppers on the left), finally a little warmer and more pleasant to drive than in the fog this morning in the Palatinate. So take off the wind jacket, pull back your sleeves and roll up your gloves.

Then further via Alf to Adenau at the Nürburgring and drank a coke, watched the hustle and bustle of the madmen on the Nordschleife and waited for my wing woman. You know, among jet pilots, the one who takes care of you is called the wingman. For me it's a super athlete with twice the number of horses than my Thrux will ever have. But we both really enjoy accelerating and letting the mopeds fly. Well, I'm full on the cock, the wing woman so tight in 2nd gear *gg*.  It's really fun to drive behind the super sports car or to jet in front.

Wednesdays  we packed provisions for the next few days and checked the bikes again (well, you never know with a Japanese bike like that).
Dangers: only 10 km to buy drinks and something to eat.

Thursdays  then together towards Bonn,  Jau DON I sped through your town, didn't hear me, didn't turn to TOR's or Shark's, then continued in the direction of Hennef and Siegen to the Edersee. There we met about 80 other bikers of all stripes. We know each other from another forum  So moved into quarters and held small talk first.


Friday morning  the sun came pouring out  . Luckily it stopped in the late morning and we drove a little tour around the reservoir south of Kassel. I had to find out that my original Metzelers have their problems when the curves are still wet, but they hold up great on dry roads. After lunch the roads were dry and we could enjoy the beautiful curves. After a quick stop for coffee and cream puffs, I set off on an Angas tour with my wingman and three other riders. Man, my Thrux was by far the weakest bike and I was constantly at the limit of the Twin's performance. After an hour I felt that two hours of sleep the night before was a bit little and I had problems following the others. But with the help of my wingman I made it the rest of the way to Diemelsee. On the way back, I was integrated as the second driver and it was a quick trip back to the Edersee and the rest of the bikers.


Saturdays  we drove a really great tour, think it was about 300 km with 80 bikes. Marshalls drove, which made waiting for the stragglers unnecessary. Both my wingman and I were in third and fourth position respectively. Things went really well. I quickly found only two mopeds in the rear-view mirror, a new BMW R1200S and a red Triumph Sprint…. We Brits were the only brand with two bikes in the front group - I'm proud -. The tour went through the Hessian countryside and lunch was at the Meissner ... probably one of the mountains there ... goulash soup and what I liked as a self-confessed Swabian: spaetzle.

After the obligatory shower – no, not during the journey but after arrival – the party continued into the night.


Sunday  we went back together. We actually wanted to say goodbye in the Hunsrück, but the rain thwarted our plans in Dillenburg. So further into the Eifel and an overnight stay attached.

Monday morning  the blonde could show that I can rely on her. Had to travel 350km to get to the office in the Black Forest on time. At this point a big compliment to the British Twins, they were almost on time and rode the 350 km track between 160 and 180 km/h with two fuel stops in between. When I arrived in the Northern Black Forest, my speedometer had 1800 km more on it than a week ago.

I also think that I have shown that not only the Bavarians can build fast and reliable 2-cylinders, but also that the boys from the island can build nice and fast mopeds.

To  somewhere on the road  then ....

That was a dark hour for the Brit...  I was too fast for my driving skills in a left-hand bend near the Nürburgring... it was a Saturday evening...

But I was still able to drive the 400 km to the Black Forest with it, albeit slowly.... It rolled over the handlebars... The left stub, the right standpipe and the rev counter were defective...

but after the repair I drove 6000 km with it...


But she also had good times

Sabine took care of the blonde when I got the fat one. We went on a few tours together.

A beautiful tour went into the Palatinate Forest and into the Hunsrück and via Alsace back into the Black Forest


Here the two were standing in front of a cafe in Alsace

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