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And that is our AluQ project - an old school café racer

At the beginning of November 2007 we started the Racer project

The basis for the conversion is one  R 100RS Bj.82  with 45 tkm  which we have acquired for this purpose.

I'm curious as to what the old RS turns out to be.

here is a picture of the starting point and again and again a few current pictures of our SilverHawk

if you want to see how such a conversion or revision works, here  some pictures



Those were the sketches for my dream bike ... well, the whole thing was a bit scrawly :)

That was the basis for the conversion to the Cafe Racer... R100RS Bj.82 45,000 km and a good substance


So now I have to tell you how the moped actually came about...
It's Sabine's fault, she can no longer defend herself, but she would agree with me.

When the fat thing was over, I wanted to sell all my mopeds and not drive them anymore... gone the blonde, gone the fat and there's still an Italian diva. Well, the fat one definitely had to go and that was a good thing.... but the others?

Then Sabine said to me: "...without a moped you're going to die like a primrose..." and I then "...I never want to see that stuff, it's killing me and out of my mind..."
Sabine didn't give up and knew the lever.... she specifically searched for an old RS and then found the one shown above at the foot of the Swabian Jura.

She persuaded me to at least take a look at the moped and made an appointment on site. I deliberately did NOT take my leather jacket with me. But made the mistake of putting my helmet in the car.
So we went and then a portly man stood there and opened the huge garage door. And then the lava red cow looked out. It was still registered... and I made the second mistake and pulled it out, then everything happened very quickly. Key in wrummm... runs, helmet on and it took me 10 minutes, yes only 10 minutes, to feel that this would be my Q.
I think it doesn't take any longer to feel that.

So back again, Sabine said straight away: "He'll buy them..." I then just asked if he had internet for online banking... then he gave us the letter and we re-registered the good piece and then we're on it on Saturdays went there with the blonde, took the red Q with them and went on a great tour of the Swabian Alb. In this constellation we did a few more tours and also took Alex with us.
Yes, until Sabine parked the blonde wrong at the Schwarzenbach dam and she fell over... from then on, Sabine never drove herself but became my bSdW (best sociability in the world)


That's how many moped drivers know us... the Indian cuddle moped....

meanwhile some modifications have been made, but you can see that below...


and this is what it looked like right after the conversion ... the implementation was actually quite successful, wasn't it?


this is how it looks from the side right after the conversion... I hope it will carry us just as long as my old Q did the IndianSpirit


in the first week of May on a beautiful evening in the Eifel near Effelsberg....

it glitters so beautifully in the sun


Now she's a real café racer as she stands in front of the café in the Eifel on this May evening - simply a beautiful sight and a really good feeling when I drive her down the small streets.


At the last trip in October 2010 in Effelsberg / Eifel... we came from Cafe Ahrwind together with Jo and Andrea... he snapped it with his helmet camera.

Here is a section of the trip from Ahrwind via Lind to Effelsberg....


And then there were a few modifications to the Q... fortunately a conversion like this is never complete.

Flat sliders had to be there, Mikunis had to be there.

Proudly the only Q with left and right carburettor.... everything else is kindergarten stuff :-)


the inclined reader has certainly also discovered the new aluminum engine scoop... is the prototype of a small series... Thank you Christian for your commitment to manufacture it.


and on the valve covers I was not entirely innocent.
I didn't want to drive the nice old round lid like everyone else. Anyone who knows me, I'm different from other kids... I wanted the square ones back.

Sabine then said: "if it's ugly, then it's right"
and so we went to the hardware store and then she looked for the wild berry-colored one  out.

To all:


Of course, the attempt without the disguise had to come at some point...

.. but works garnet.




and the yellow cross, we showed our resistance before Gorleben


So and here are a few more impressions from the road... I like our Q


But that's how I like to see her... and Bine is always on the handlebars


April 30, 2017 - the Indian moped meets a herd of bison


Today I was finally able to show my Indian moped the vastness of the prairie and go buffalo hunting...

.... no, I live in the Eifel and there is no prairie there, just awesome curves and volcanoes...
.... and buffalo, yes, you can find them here.

Today I drove my cow with a lot of fun over the winding Eifel roads when a bison grinned at me from the corner of my eye.  And today of all days the Indian didn't have his bow with him  .... But I turned the cow around and, as learned, carefully stalked the herd. You never know when the next hunger will come and such a bison skin is supposed to keep you warm in the cold Eifel winter. Yes, even an Indian gets older and has to plan ahead.

Here is a picture when I was stalking with the cow....


The bison hadn't noticed me and are grazing peacefully in the wide open spaces of the prairie while I push a blade of grass between my teeth and my Stetson deeper into my face. - Eifel Indians don't necessarily wear feather headdresses... a Stetson does too.


    And then there was a showdown between the Indian cow and the bison....


And over the back - no, not of my horse, but of my cow. Wouldn't be good  shooting opportunity


I hope the bison don't move on so quickly, so that I can hunt my dinner with my bow again.

And then there was the Cafe Racer meeting in June 2017 in Blankenheim on the Bug.....


People said to vote our Q as the rockiest hock of 2017... well I should clean it again :-)


And then there was another brilliant day in September 2017 with a young photographer... there was a story about the moped in Oilfingermagazin.


and here is the result of this afternoon, which shone again and again with drizzle. And yet we pulled the Q out of the garage.


off across the streets and looking for a "cool" location to stage the Q.


seen from below she cuts a fine figure.

and on the tank it proudly bears its name


and the memory of Sabine, who helped create this moped.


she waits until I drive her back down the winding Eifel roads.


I hope you had as much fun looking at the pictures as I had in the photo session.

And there's a pillion again. With Birgit it's fun again to move the Q and no longer drive around alone.


Here are a few pictures with my pillion.


Now she's a cuddle moped again... :-)

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