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the deltas..

Beautiful flyers and sky anchors...

We have several deltas in the bag to make the sky colorful on the one hand and to hang jewelry on the lines on the other....

... Deltas are just great planes and you can leave them alone in the sky, put a nail in the ground and peg the delta with a triple Stübinger (brilliant knot for attaching single lines) and a carabiner. It stays there until we want to go home.

Attached to a 4-point balance, it climbs very steeply and then remains in place like an anchor. So you can then tie him up and devote himself to the other dragons.


The T-Delta is actually a cheap production from the far away land of smiles. For €27 you don't even get the material here. It is soft cloth with tapered wrapped CFRP rods. These are tied at the back with a red ribbon.

It always flies, absorbs every gust and is our anchor in the sky.

Actually, it's the first dragon to be lifted upon arrival at the meadow.

It carries our carp upwards like on a fishing line and creates a colorful game in the wind. 


Here he flies together with the Tatpole at Michelberg in the Eifel.

and once with a 5 Flaki in the background on the beach of Sankt Peter Ording in 2020.

We have come up with a special linen jewelery for him: 

He was given a 20m long linen flag made of silver organza. The lower 20m still have to be finished.

Steiki im Anflug.jpg
0720SPO (3).jpeg

Birgit flies it here with joy in the warm sand at the North Sea.  

Beautiful to look at even if the leash glitters.

Einleiner mit Schärpe.jpg

and again from a different perspective.

020619_01 (3).jpg

We built the T-Delta with our light-wind aircraft, the "Hamburger Flieger" for the beach in Sankt Peter Ording.

And Birgit got a big Delta with a 14m long train for her birthday. 

The XXL Delta is also a stable and good-natured plane, which gives us a lot of pleasure.

SPO0720 (3).jpeg

The facial expression already reveals how much fun these deltas can bring. The leash is a bit oversized even for the XXL Delta. But who knows what else is coming :-)

I was allowed to fly the "big one" on the Halde Norddeutschland too.

Halde August 2019 (2).jpg
Halde August 2019 (1).jpg

Simply a wonderful picture in the sky and the XXL Delta cannot be overlooked in any way.  

It's just beautiful when its veils move up and down in the wind.

31.10.20 Harscheid (3).jpg
Halde August 2019 (3).jpg

And then there's the little white one with his 6mm GRP poles and his 6m long veils.

If it gets too much wind for him, he folds his wings and then keeps flying.

31.10.20 Harscheid (1).jpg

We always like to air the deltas and that's how a small private "kite festival" comes about, because fortunately our meadow is big enough for these gimmicks.


On April 25th, 21 in glorious weather, the delta was once again allowed to carry the school of fish up into the sky... the newly acquired little kites in the form of fish were also attached.


In the background you can see my piecemeal team and the tadpole with its helix in the line. So today the sky was colorful again.

And the Flaki 7.6 also said hello to the Delta. So we had a lot of fun on our dragon meadow.


In July 21 another picture of the T-Delta with the canvas flag he hung in the sky of Sant Peter Ording

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