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Star I'm looking at

  from   Adolf Krummacher

#407 Hymn Book Evangelical Hymn Book

star i look at
rock on which I stand
leader I trust
rod on which I walk
bread I live on
source where I rest
goal that I aspire to
everything, Lord, is you!

Without you, where would come
give me strength and courage?
Without you, who would take
my burden, who?
Disintegrated without you
would me in no time.
Believe, Hope, Love
everything, Lord, is you!

That's how I want to wallow
my path there
until the bells ring
and at home I am.
Then with new sounds
I cheer to you gladly:
I have nothing to bring
everything, Lord, is you!

Adolf Krummacher

further information and background information about Adolf Krummacher  can be found here  Wikipedia

and there's a nice one on youtube  video link to it

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