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Württemberg from   Ludwig Uhland

But what can you miss
  My dear fatherland?
  One hears stories from afar
  From your state of blessing.

  They say: you are a garden,
  you are a paradise;
  what more can you expect
  When they call you blessed?

  A word that was inherited
  Said that gentleman:
  If you would like to spoil
  That you can't.

  And isn't it poured out
  Your fruit field like a sea?
  Doesn't the must flow
  From a thousand hills?

  And don't you swarm with fish
  In every stream and pond?
  Is not your forest bush
  All too rich in game?

  Do not drive the herd of wool
  on your wide alb?
  And don't you feed horses
  And cattle everywhere?

  Don't you hear praise from afar
  Solid wood of the Black Forest?
  Don't you have salt and iron
  And even a grain of gold?

  And are not your wives
  So domestic, pious and faithful?
  Blooms in your nooks
  Isn't Weinsberg forever new?

  And are not your men
  Industrious, honest, simple?
  The peace works connoisseur,
  And brave when you fight?

  You land of grain and wine,
  you blessed generation,
  What's wrong with you? – All and One:
  The old good law


Ludwig Uhland

further information and background information about Ludwig Uhland  can be found here  Wikipedia

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