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Württemberg state anthem

The richest prince


Praising with many beautiful speeches  from   Justinus Kerner

Praising with many beautiful speeches
your lands value and number,
sat many German princes
Once in Worms in the Kaisersaal.

"Magnificent," said the Prince of Saxony,
“Is my country and its power;
Silver cherish his mountains
Probably in some deep wells.”

"Behold my land in abundance,"
Said the elector of the Rhine,
"Golden seeds in the valleys,
Fine wine on the mountains!”

"Big cities, rich monasteries!",
Ludwig, lord of Bavaria spoke.
“Make my country yours
probably not inferior in treasure."

Eberhard, the one with the beard,
Württemberg's beloved Lord,
Said: "My country has small towns,
Doesn't carry mountains heavy with silver;

But a little gem keeps it hidden:
That in forests, no matter how large,
I can lay my head boldly
In the lap of every subject.”

And the lord of Saxony called
The one from Bavaria, the one from the Rhine:
"Count in the beard! You are the richest!
Your country wears gems!”

Justinus Kerner

further information and background information about Justinus Kerner  can be found here  Wikipedia

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