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And this is what the "new" old Q - my LastMohawk - looks like

Unfortunately, I have to report at this point that my LastMohawk has been sold.

She reported one to me after about 4000 km of beautiful touring  bearing damage. Since I have neither the money nor the time to repair the engine at the moment, she is allowed to stay in the cool garage this summer.

here are a few pictures that I shot right after finishing and a few pictures from the first tours.

if you want to see how such a conversion or revision works, here are a few  Pictures from the restoration


Here are the impressions I was able to collect at my first freebiker meeting with my red Q:

So on Friday I got my Q ready to travel and off to the Eifel where the others spent a weekend together at a castle since Thursday... since I hadn't known such meetings before, I left with mixed feelings.

Well by name and by writing I knew quite a few of the people there and I've met some on a previous trip.

When I arrived at the castle, I was welcomed in a friendly manner and the weekend was really fun.


freebikers celebrate in places that one otherwise only dares to dream of... an overnight stay in such a building is always a special highlight.


The red Q obviously felt at home among the other mopeds and it ran great on the trips we took.


and in the evening we had a barbecue together and an archery competition... and Jungfer Rapunzel had to be rescued from the tower, this task then became part of me.... well, I didn't hate it *gg*


I got a t-shirt with my nickname and the freebiker logo as a thank you... I still wear it proudly today.

Of course, there were also many lively petrol talks on the agenda ... and we got to know many new faces..

I'm looking forward to the next meeting of the freebiker community.


Well, unfortunately, even the best weekend goes by too quickly and I had to drive my Q back to the Black Forest... and it received the bearing damage mentioned above......

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