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And that should be the new Q (as of May 2006)

I hope to get the Q before spring  ready to use.

I had to replace all the bearings and also the fairing. It was repainted and should shine in ruby red and cream white.

The new name will be Last Mohawk , so is the design theme for the graphics.

Below I've tried to capture the status of the restoration and I'll always add a few pics, so check back from time to time, right? (Below are the latest pictures)


The fork is already completely rebuilt. I got as far as I could  the old parts polished and repainted. Gaskets and bearings are of course new. where it went  stainless steel screws were processed.


The front fender in cream white and parts of the luggage rack in ruby red.


The engine and the transmission will also no longer shine in matt black in the new red.


The engine has now been freed from the frame, here it is still in the frame. Yes, I know, in such a garage with the tools, the task is almost hopeless


The seat has now been adjusted and covered with new imitation leather in red imitation crocodile.


The gearbox is ready for installation


The rear-wheel drive is also waiting for its place in the overhauled frame


The fender is also already prepared.


The taillights and rear indicators also shine in ruby red

MOP_RQH_NQH_Schwinge1 (1).jpg

The rear swingarm also gets new bearings here: remove the old bearings without a puller, but with a welder.


Ouch, who is painting their rear frame from the spray can?


The instrument cluster has also got its new outfit. The speedometer foils were created  in their own workshop.


Well the frame looks nice, I can go to the fire brigade with that part hihi.


The engine block has also gotten its red color looks like the engine of my Porsche tractor, it's also red *gg*


Now the engine, gearbox and rear wheel drive is reinserted into the frame


Engine and transmission reunited in the frame


the fork has also found its place again, now you can see that it's a thing  should be a moped.


Soooo she's back on two wheels....


and the other side...


from the front ....


and behind....

next the fairing will probably have to be painted, the tank is bulging because of my fall and the decor stickers are already at the printers.... will be a decor to match the Mohicans made by me again. Well I'm curious how she looks when she's done ... and how she runs.


Now I finally have the fairing parts ready and have already started to rebuild them from below.


the exhaust manifolds have remained the old ones for cost reasons, but I derusted them with a brass brush


the crash bars are a must, they saved my foot when I fell last fall. So you can also see how the color will come out later.


Ready to drive and without a crash bar because they never fit. Well, now my suitcases are back. Have now already unwound 2000 km in May.

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