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With her I fulfilled my desire for something fast

At the beginning of February 2007 I got fat

As a racer I opted for a  Yamaha FZR 1000 Genesis Bj.92 decide.

At some point, every biker will want to ride something really fast. As I have ridden and ride together with some fast machines and riders, the desire for something fast - a super sports bike - became stronger and stronger.

When I was looking for a suitable machine, the choice fell on my thickness.
As so often, the reason for the choice was the wallet. My favorites included:

- the Fireblade by Honda
- the R1 from Yamaha
- a Kilo Gixxe from Suzuki

the first two - although very nice bikes were sometimes ruled out due to the still high prices and I've never had a real connection to the Suzi.
So I came across an old Genesis and fell in love with it. After a short test show, I then brought the thickness into the garage.

here are some pictures from spring 2007:


so i saw her for  first time out of the garage... a nice sight...


In 2007, I made quite a few trips with it and a total of 14,000 km

The first trip went to Saarland in the rain .....

The most beautiful ride led me and one  freebiker  girlfriend in the Vorarlberg to a  freebiker  Colleagues....

here is the story and some pictures.

At the beginning, like so often, it was raining... but you also have something waterproof to wear and leather grease to seal it hehe

The journey led across Lake Constance to Feldkirch to Klaus. Together  we are on the first day high above the roofs of Feldkirch  Furkajoch  driven. It made up for the journey from Lake Constance to Feldkirch, which takes forever...


just below the Furkajoch during a snack break....

In the evening we could spend totally relaxed with Klaus in the garden with a cool beer and a few sausages and vegetables from the grill

Then an attempt was made to  Sivretta High Alpine Road  to drive... for two (Klaus had to work) towards the Montafon and the sky was getting darker and darker. We turned around right at the tollbooth, because a look up whispered to us that it's not worth driving the beautiful hairpin bends when it's wet... so we turned around and returned to Feldkirch. Halfway through the journey, a heavy rain shower caught us.

The next day should be great... both in terms of the weather and the route... Klaus had something in mind...

We're back in the Montafon and in glorious weather we're up the Sivretta:


a very big grin and looking at the PizBuin with satisfaction... the route is always worth it...

Next we went in the direction  Reschensee  and there a nice bench in front of a cafe lured us to stop:


We met two well-known bikers and admired the wonderful panorama and the church tower in the lake for the first time before the five of us continued in the direction of  Stelvio Pass.

The Stelvio - I have to say, drive once and it's good - I probably won't give up this road anytime soon.


Yes, here I had to - no, I was allowed - to increase my thickness... since it was my first experience with serpentines and passes, the other two had to wait again and again for the old Indian *gg*


All in all a successful long weekend in the Bregenz Forest.... another tour took us both over the  Hochtannberg  and through  Namelostal  to the Zugspitze and over the  Plansee  and the  Tannheim Valley  back to Feldkirch.

I know it wasn't the last time I drove there....

The last trip took me again with the  freebikers  to the Hessian Edersee... from there back and after a total of 14,000 km on the clock (from March to the end of August) I put the fat one in the garage and it was there until it was sold in the autumn.

Yes, I've understood, it's too fast for me and I'm afraid I'd rub my neck with it....

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