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We still needed a travel machine because Uschi is not ready yet.

At the beginning of February 2020, the travel steamer came into the house

As a thick ship, I opted for a  Yamaha FJ 1200 Bj.90 decide.

The moped was christened the Horton. This happened because the gas cap gave a more or less loud huhhhh when the tank was heated. After cleaning the inside of the lid, however, he is now quiet.

When looking for a suitable machine, the choice fell on the FJ. They are currently the cheapest large mopeds.

here are a few pictures from the first trip across the Moselle to the Hunsrück in May 2020:


At the first break somewhere on a winding Hunsrück road


Birgit obviously felt comfortable on the pillion seat. There's more room than on the Alu-Q

Horton an der Mosel.jpeg

A short break on the Moselle. It is already a relaxed travel with the 1200 engine. 


This beautiful hairpin can be found between the Rhine and Moselle from Bingen am Rhein up... the road is well worth it.


Two impressions from the Hunsrück and the North Palatinate Uplands

Horton mit Fell.jpg

And since the seating position is different from that of the Alu-Q, the butt hurt on longer journeys. We then gave Horton a skin from an Icelandic longhair sheep. May the complaints then be alleviated. Well, you're not getting any younger...

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