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"Uschi" the construction

On this page I want to show the progress of the Goldwing.

I have linked specific stories on the Goldwing homepage.

So let's just start checking what the base has to offer.

The seat is an original Giuliari sports seat. It is still like new and has no holes or tears.

First the handlebars were replaced, a flagpole is not possible. The new one is an Italian Tomaselli Condor M-Style.


Hey looks like a real café racer.  The brake and clutch levers are from Magura.


The clutch cable has to be replaced because the nipples don't fit.


A new brake lever without the stupid master cylinder on it. I don't like urine cups in front of my nose. I still have the old master brake cylinder from my old BMW, which was mounted under the tank. I want to build it and of course steel braided lines are laid up to the brake calipers.

Here the overhauled front calipers.


And the brake discs, these have already been perforated. One job less.


A bit of a chore was grinding the rusty spokes... but it saved a lot of money... I think it's better spent buying fuel from it to drive.

Here the retreaded front wheel, bring some color into play.


Next, the rear fender was done and the taillight refurbished…. However, both later turned out to be superfluous, since the rear should be different.


The rear brake caliper was a disaster, so disassemble, clean and reassemble, luckily there are renew kits like that


The rear master brake cylinder is disassembled and has to wait until money is available for a repair kit.


The next patient, the cardan and the rear-wheel drive ... at least BMW 1: 1, so nothing unknown.


The next week the frame was stripped and the engine removed, what a monster.


A challenge until the monster looks for a nice engine again…. Surprise, the water pump is broken. I can move the impeller by at least 5mm in each direction... There must be bearing damage and a new one is needed... Honda is asking €200 for it


Jeb, it'll be a long way until the next ride..... But hey, I like the job and when Uschi is done,
then I can say yes it's my bike.

Preparation of the frame

First of all, I have been restoring and rebuilding old motorcycles for about 30 years. There were mopeds from the 50s, 60s, 70s and 80s. But I've never had such bad quality as this Honda frame from 1977. The frame was partly rusted through in the lower area of the main stand!!!

First everything had to be dismantled in order to finally take the engine out of the frame, or better yet, remove the frame from the engine. Man that's a monster part.


Really bad corners open up when you take a closer look...these are the moments when you say to yourself: " Oh man, why am I doing this to myself again? “. Secretly, you already know the answer in advance. It's the feeling when the gray coat sticks its sticker on the license plate and you enjoy the curves with the box for the first time and the appreciative looks at the biker cafe.


As an interim result, I then have the bare frame in front of me. Yes, he also contributes to the enormous curb weight.


After the frame was cleaned, the Gilb eliminated, I thought about how the frame should be then.

No black frame, that's already on every corner. I found the solution in the hardware store: Hammerite in hammertone blue... no spray, no paint gun, nope, just the frame, the Hammerite and a brush. But see for yourself


It's wonderful how the blue paint glitters in the sun and how the hammer hits the frame.


Here you can already guess how the moped will be. The cooler and rear axle drive have already been revised.

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