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A cafe racer called "Uschi" is created

Then I'll be here  report about my long-term project. I had actually wanted to ride it for a long time, but then Sabine got cancer. I want to describe the progress here again and again. Since the project has been going on for a few years, I'm going to take a little time travel here......

I've fallen in love with the old Goldwings for many years. These 1000s with their 4-cylinder boxer engines, yes, the GLs, which still looked like mopeds have to look. But I never thought I'd have one in the garage. Then in 2012 we have one   Honda Goldwing GL1000 K2 Bj.77   bought in Holland. It was just great to drive the 300 km home with her..

Since my favorite mopeds are the British Ton-Up Boys cafe racers of the 60's, we converted our old BMW into one... and the GL is also to be a cafe racer.

Here is a shot from the drive home.


The paint is from the late 70's and we wanted to keep the cool paint job. That's where the name of the moped came from: Uschi. A friend, Hans said, of course, the most dazzling girl of the 70s, Uschi Obermaier, goes well with the glitter paint of the 70s. With that, the name was found and the glamorous Uschi became the glamorous GL1000.

  • The brake

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