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Timing belt replacement pending

On a Saturday in June 2013 I spent my time in the garage again :-). The tension rollers and the toothed belt had to be replaced.

Since I wanted to be sure that I could set the timing correctly again after changing the timing belt, the engine was first brought to TDC position and the markings compared.


The right cam sprocket was nicely on the mark and the left cam sprocket showed the same setting.


Then, of course, checking the flywheel marking... fits too


Now everything can safely be dismantled.... Well, in my last life I was a car mechanic at VW and at that time this work was already routine.

Since Honda is asking almost 100 euros per tensioner, and the Wing has two of them, it is worth looking for a replacement. My job as a computer fuzzy in a software house that produces software for car dealerships helps me a lot here. I'm sitting at the source of the information.

I found the replacement at Hyundai. These are the tensioning rollers for Hyundai Coupe, Elantra, Lantra, Tuscon, i30 up to year of construction 05/2006

There are various spare part numbers:
SKF: VKM 85153
HYUNDAI: 24810-23400,
HYUNDAI: 24810-23011
HYUNDAI: 24810-23500,
HYUNDAI: 24810-23050


These parts are considerably cheaper than the Honda replacement parts.
For both Hyundai parts: 35 euros and 5 euros for the screws, nuts and washers.


First of all, check if the dimensions fit.... Looks good.


I disassembled the left idler with a hacksaw and then disassembled the right with a hammer, it was much easier.


The heat protection shields had to be revised because the screw heads of the stainless steel screws protrude to the rear.
Screwed with an M10 stainless steel screw and a poly lock nut.


The blue paint is just to keep rust away, you can't see it later.

Since everything is off, I was able to paint the rear covers of the toothed belts.... professionally trimmed on an old license plate.


Then the installation followed a long time later, since the engine had to be painted beforehand and the carburettors also had to be overhauled, but I'll describe that later...

It does look pretty nice.


The forest berry color - yes, that's what the color is called - I still had left over from the BMW. And as the New Swabian with the Anglicisms says: just for fun , I painted the camshaft sprockets... maybe it's just the rusty nail in my head that keeps making me do nonsense.

Then the rotten toothed belt covers were refurbished and blown with a beautiful metallic color somewhere between dark brown and anthracite.


At some point I was able to put on the timing belt and check the timing again... uff, everything was done correctly. The engine turns again and the valves rattled happily again.


This is how the power plant looks from the front... it's something different than a flat-twin from Bavaria. Somehow I like the block and am as happy as a small child when the Christmas bell rings until I can say for the first time: " Gentleman start your engine ".

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