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Starter -  reconstruction

Pictures of the cleaning and rebuilding of the starters follow. Unfortunately I don't have a picture of the original condition

Here you can see all the parts and their mounting positions.


It seems Mr. Honda loves washers

I cleaned the mechanical parts with mineral spirits and the electrical parts with white spirit, sanded the case and painted it.

The electrical part of the starter


I sanded down the collector and worked on the coals. You have to make sure that there is no abraded copper between the collector fields, otherwise there will be a short circuit and thus a reduction in performance.

The excitation winding can be cleaned with spirit.


The middle part of the starter also wants attention.


And here are the mechanical parts:


The gears should be carefully lubricated with graphite grease.

And here is the assembled starter, ready for installation.


And the view from the front.


A final test on a battery showed that the measure again led to the starter turning quickly and thus to the desired success.

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